Hand, Facial & Breast Veins

Although varicose and spider veins typically occur on the legs and sometimes around the genital area (pudendal veins), unsightly and bothersome veins may also appear on the face, hands and on and under breasts. Other less common areas for spider veins include the back of the neck, lower part of the back and abdomen. Fortunately, these veins respond very well to treatment.

The reasons varicose and spider veins appear can vary. While some veins might appear due to genetics and tissue changes due to the passage of time, loss of subcutaneous fat in certain areas, as well as loss of skin elasticity, vein wall elasticity, and tissue water content, other factors such as facelifts, breast augmentation, breast lifts, etc., may trigger the development of local reticular and spider veins.

Before treating veins in less common areas, we always make sure their formation is not secondary to other deeper vein problems and medical issues.

Hand, Face and Breast veins, as well as other areas can be treated just as easily and safely as those on the legs. Typically they respond extremely well to Sclerotherapy.

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