Painless Sclerotherapy

Painless Sclerotherapy

• For a single painless sclerotherapy treatment, be prepared to block out 30 minutes of your schedule for your consultation and first appointment.

• Patients can resume their regular daily activity immediately following treatment.

• No downtime or stockings are needed, and patients can continue exercise the next day.

• Before you undergo the procedure, it’s important to consider that there will be minimal to moderate bruising following treatment, which lasts 2-4 weeks.

• We advise patients to avoid sun exposure by wearing long pants/skirts, or at least wearing SPF 30 or higher. Bruises can be easily covered with makeup if desired.

• Aspirin and other blood thinners may make you more prone to bruising following treatment so avoid taking such medications a week to two weeks prior to your appointment.

• Hormone supplements may prolong the healing process.

At The Vein Treatment Center sclerotherapy, or ‘injection therapy’, is the most common treatment for spider and varicose veins on the legs. During treatment, a mild chemical solution is injected into the incompetent vein or capillary. The sclerosing agent irritates the walls of the vessel, causing it to collapse. The body then reabsorbs the vein and blood is re-routed to a healthy vein, restoring proper venous circulation in the area. We use all forms of sclerotherapy, alone or in combination, depending on what will give the individual patient the results they desire with the least discomfort.

Advancements in Technology
Have Revolutionized Sclerotherapy

Painless ‘Cryo’ Sclero

Unique to sclerotherapy at The Vein Treatment Center is cooling cryotherapy to numb the skin before you are injected. The cryotherapy machine delivers short bursts of super-cooled air to numb the skin and reduce inflammation during the injections. This results in a more comfortable procedure, faster cosmetic results, and faster healing time.


No one solution is right for every vein problem that is why The Vein Treatment Center uses all the latest sclerosing agents, alone or in combinations where appropriate. Certain sclerotherapy solutions can be made into a foam consistency and used for larger varicose veins.


Polarized magnification, transillumination and infrared lighting has made sclerotherapy safer and reduced the number of treatments needed. These various forms of illumination enable us to see deeper veins more clearly, making visible veins that are hidden from the naked eye. By passing a special high intensity light or infrared light through the skin’s surface we are able to locate and inject the deeper source of your spider veins. Deeper varicose veins are seen using ultrasound to determine the location of the where to inject the faulty valves enabling us to restore healthy vein function.

What to Expect During Treatment

A single sclerotherapy treatment session involves 40-45 injections in order to collapse the spider veins in one area. Patients used to describe the injections as feeling like a pinprick or mosquito bite, but now our treatment is painless as we have recently introduced a cryotherapy element that cools the skin and numbs it at the injection site during the treatment. The number of treatment sessions required varies from patient to patient, depending on the number of veins treated, ability to heal, and the level of cosmetic perfection desired.

Post Treatment

Following injections, the leg is wrapped with an elastic bandage for one or two hours to help keep the vein closed. Normal daily activities can commence immediately after treatment. Compression stockings may need to be worn for 1-3 days after the treatment of large veins only. The veins treated will close and blood from the faulty veins will be rerouted to a healthy vein. If you have a lot of veins of varying sizes and locations, you will require multiple treatment sessions.

Many of our patients come for sclerotherapy treatments once a week as their schedule permits; some come for all the necessary treatments within the span of a few days (intensive schedule). It depends entirely on the patient’s preference, but we do advise that the intensive schedule gives patients the best and fastest results.

Although cosmetic end results may vary depending on how you heal, overall improvement close to perfection and total satisfaction is the norm. In rare cases, in which this level is not achieved, still be assure that the best treatment and techniques available today are being used and that healing end points may change overtime, with changing hormonal levels, medications, and other factors.

All forms of sclerotherapy treatment have the same post treatment instructions and recovery.

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