Vein Problems

Understanding Veins

Certain factors play a role in the development of varicose and spider veins. Most important factor is the genetic predisposition, which tends to run in families. Genetic predisposition combined with certain lifestyle choices can accelerate the development of varicose and spiders veins, making them worse and more apparent over time.
Below are interesting facts:

Varicose Veins:

  • Weak vein valves and vein walls are the primary cause of vein issues.
  • In the case of varicose veins, weak vein valves are unable prevent blood from flowing in the wrong direction (reflux), so the blood leaks back down the legs and pools in the leg veins.
  • This pooling causes the veins to protrude from the skin in a rope-like appearance, which are varicose veins. The increased venous pressure causes fatigue and heaviness, and eventually more serious problems including ulcers and bleeding.

Spider Veins:

  • Spider veins are simply enlarged capillaries, usually less than 2 millimeters in diameters also affected by venous pressure.
  • Spider and varicose veins coincide 60-80% of the time.


  • It is what causes blood to flow back down the leg and pool in the veins in the presence of faulty valves. Blood pooling causes the veins to stretch and protrude and will give rise to symptoms and complications.
  • Gravity and progressive weakening of tissues leads to an increase incidence of veins with age.


  • This congenital predisposition to weak vein valves and walls is accelerated by hormonal factors and/or lifestyle choices.
  • These factors include pregnancy, birth control pills, lack of exercise and obesity.
  • Certain professionals who are required to stand on their feet for long hours tend to form varicose veins more than those in other fields of work. Such professions include: Teachers, athletes, doctors, nurses, waiters, etc.


  • Over 50% of women suffer from varicose and/or spider veins

Male to Female Ratio:

  • Women develop varicose/spider veins 20X more frequently than men, due to pregnancies, increased levels of circulating female hormones and cosmetic concerns.
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