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327 East 65th Street, New York, NY 10065, Manhattan

Welcome to the Vein Treatment Center ©

Delivering Safe, Painless & Non-Invasive Vein Treatments

Since 1982, the Vein Treatment Center © has been providing vein treatment for the legs, face, hands, and other areas of the body. As the first clinic in New York City dedicated to exclusively treating venous conditions, our founder and pioneer in treating venous disease, Dr. Luis Navarro M.D., FACS, FACPh, along with our top-rated vein specialists have successfully treated thousands of patients.

Using classic and exclusive patented techniques, our vein doctors deliver safe, non-invasive, and permanent vein treatment. Our friendly & professional staff, along with our modern, comfortable, and accredited (AAAASF) facility will ensure your smooth and effortless vein treatment experience.


Most procedures are covered by insurance. We work with all insurance plans that have out-of-network benefits.

Vein Treatments

Modern advancements in medical treatment are safer and more effective. Our staff will provide options to offer the best results.


Browse our collection of videos answers for frequently asked questions about vein health and our treatments.

Meet Dr. Navarro

Our medical director and pioneer in vein treatments, Dr. Luis Navarro, M.D., FACS, FACPh, is a General Surgeon and Board Certified Phlebologist. With his vast clinical and research experience, he has developed several revolutionary treatments for venous disorders, including Combined Therapies, EVLA, and Painless Sclerotherapy.

Varicose Veins & Treatment

Varicose veins are enlarged and swollen veins that generally appear in the lower extremities of your body, such as legs, feet, or calves. They are a dark purple, blue, or black color, and have a bulging or twisted appearance.

The Vein Treatment Center © offers the most effective and cutting edge vein treatments to permanently and painlessly remove varicose veins. Vein treatments include Sclerotherapy, Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLT), Ultrasound Therapy, Laser Therapy, and Mini-Phlebectomy. Our doctor will examine your condition and recommend the most effective treatment to remove your varicose veins.

Spider Veins & Treatment

Spider veins are twisted, small, and damaged veins that usually appear on the face or legs in red, black, blue, or purple. Usually they are not harmful and don’t cause pain. However, chronic venous inefficiency is often a cause of spider veins.

We offer a range of treatment options for spider vein removal, including Sclerotherapy, Laser Ablation, Endovenous Laser (EVLT), Mini-Phlebectomy, and Ultrasound Therapy. The choice of treatment depends on your condition and diagnosis. Our expert may recommend one or a combination of treatments to permanently remove your spider veins.

Hand Veins

Advancements in technology have revolutionized Sclerotherapy and the treatment of veins on hands. The Vein Treatment Center has been treating hand veins for over 30 years with safe, fast, and long lasting cosmetic results.

Before & After Photos

View our Before and After Gallery of patient photos and the results of thier treatments on legs, hands, and more.

"FAREWELL COVERING UP... I strongly recommend Dr. Navarro and the center. He makes you feel very at ease and his staff is very helpful and sweet. The results are amazing! This is by far the best place that I have been to. LOVE IT!!!"

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