Dr Navarro Now Referring Patients to Dr Al-Misky
Before Dr Luis Navarro’s retirement at the end of 2023, he emailed patients, “…we would highly recommend Dr Ousaima Al-Misky for quality sclerotherapy…Dr Al-Misky was trained by myself and worked alongside me for many years. She has 20+ years’ phlebology experience & I believe she can provide our patients with a high level of care and expertise - she utilized the same protocols and methods that we developed for painless sclerotherapy & also treats hands, face, & breast.”
Dr Al-Misky is now practicing under the Vein Treatment Center name at her office at 910 Fifth Avenue, Ground Floor. Please call or text her office at 212-249-6117 or 212-888-8688.
* Please note: The VTC website and social media accounts are being renovated & some parts are outdated. Please call for up-to-date info about the practice.

212-888-8688 | 800-300-VEIN | 212-249-6117

910 Fifth Avenue (cross street: 72nd) New York, NY 10021


Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy allows Dr. Al-Misky to visually guide and monitor a needle to the exact source of the incompetent vein (valve) to be injected. By using ultrasound we can treat more quickly and safely larger and deeper veins that once required more invasive surgical treatment.


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We have further advanced the widely used Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy by utilizing a catheter (thin, flexible tube) instead of a needle (Transcatheter Image-Guided Occlusion Sclerotherapy, aka TIGOS) for even safer and more effective treatment of large veins in difficult areas like the groin and knee.


The Vein Treatment Center
910 Fifth Avenue
Ground Floor (cross street: 72nd)
New York, NY 10021


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Sclerotherapy / Female / 37 yrs old
Vein: Reticular & Spider


Sclerotherapy / Female / 33 yrs old
Vein: Reticular & Spider


Sclerotherapy / Female / 64 yrs old
Vein: Reticular


Sclerotherapy / Female / 56 yrs old
Vein: Reticular & Spider

Patient Reviews

Just returned to Dr. Al-Misky and team to have Endoveneous Laser Ablation performed on my other leg. She is truly AMAZING. Dr. Al-Misky is so knowledgeable. She walks you through every part of the surgery as you are awake only with local (minor pricking is really all you feel!) but keeps your mind at peace as it is still a surgery.

Following the procedure, she walks you through everything you can possibly expect. She and her team constantly follow-up to check in and ensure the healing process is going smoothly.

Follow-up appointments as done with an ultrasound machine as she ensures there is no clotting and to inject any pesky little veins that got away!

I feel so fortunate to have found her. This surgery is not always covered by insurance but like many of her patients, it was necessary for me as it caused incredible pain when exercising. Her team worked with my insurance to get the claim approved and fully covered.

If you are in need of any and all things veins- Dr. Al- Misky is the only option! Would give her 100 stars 🙂

- Sydney H.