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Hand Veins

As we age, our hands can sometimes seem to age faster than our faces and other parts of our body, giving the appearance that we are older than we feel. Although prominent hand veins are healthy veins that return blood to the heart, some may become bulgy and protrude at the back of the hand with age due to three factors:

1) Loss of skin and vein wall elasticity.
2) Loss of subcutaneous fat and collagen.
3) Water content of the tissues.

When evaluating prominent veins in the hands we also evaluate for other issues that are making them look the way they do. Three main factors that make hands look “old” include:

1) Thick bulging veins that protrude on the back of your hand.
2) Age spots.
3) Loss of tissue.

Hand veins are treated with ‘sclerotherapy’ in a 15-20 minute procedure. Following injections you will be required to wear compression gloves for 12 hours and will be able to return to your normal activity immediately except for any strenuous exercise (such as a gym workout), which you can return to the next day. For best results you may need to come in for 1-3 treatments. After the treatment we will need to see you for possible trapped blood.

Sclerotherapy of the hand veins is a safe procedure. After the treatment there is minimal bruising and occasionally mild swelling for 24 hours. Sclerotherapy treatment is the gold standard for treating hand veins. In rare cases mini-phlebectomy may be used. The outcome is excellent with long-lasting results.


Hand Rejuvination

Bulging Veins are the most important factor that gives away aging hands. To turn back the clock and maintain a youthful appearance, we close off these veins with sclerotherapy. It is painless, simple and safe procedure. There are more than enough veins deep in the hand to maintain proper blood flow. Although occasionally mini phlebotomy or EVLT are used, sclerotherapy is by far the treatment of choice for hand veins.

Age Spots are the small, brownish dots that appear on the back of the hands after years of sun damage. Fortunately, the spots can be easily eliminated with a laser and other forms of treatments.

Loss of Tissue is caused by a decrease in subcutaneous fat, muscle and collagen production giving to the back of the hands a boney and thin appearance. Many women are discovering that this occurs on the back of the hands, as they focus all of their anti-aging efforts on their face for years. To solve this issue, fillers, fat injections, and "growth factors" may also be used to plump and fill in the tissue that has been lost.


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