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Patient Reviews

Having my leg veins treated by Dr. Al-Misky was one of the best decisions of my life!!  Dr. Al-Misky is a highly trained, skilled practitioner and on top of this, she has state-of-the art equipment, comfortable, lovely, spotless facilities, and most importantly, she puts you at your ease, answers all your questions, reviews your history, and always helps you to stay positive throughout the process. I very much enjoyed my sessions and found the injections and the one surgery I had to be extremely tolerable with little to no pain. Following the therapies, my quality of life is greatly improved both from a physical and a cosmetic point of view. I highly recommend Dr. Al-Misky to anyone in need of the types of services she offers.

- J. Anderson

I had the pleasure of having treatment with Dr. Al-Misky several years ago. My results were so good that I wanted to see her again... I just finished treatment, injection and laser surgery for a larger vein. In less than 1 month my legs look awesome. She was very clear on all procedures and everything was minimally invasive. I went to work the next day.

I am very pleased with my results, my legs look healthy, no veins in sight! I would recommend Dr. Al-Misky highly as she is a master in her field as well as a caring doctor. Her assistant is lovely as well!

- A. Tulley

I've been seeing Dr. Al-Misky for vein removal treatments for over 10 years, and I can't say enough good things about her. She is an expert in her field, and she has succeeded in keeping my spider and varicose veins at bay. I never feel rushed during any of my appointments, and she spends as much time as needed with me. She has a pleasant demeanor, and her office is clean and comfortable. If I ever call with a question or leave a message, she is quick to respond. I will never go anywhere else for vein removal. I love Dr. Al-Misky!

- D. Bossotti

I have been a patient of Dr. Al-Misky for 5 years and I couldn't be happier with the results! She helped me get rid of my varicose veins as well as my spider veins. She is a gifted doctor who makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed. The office is clean and cheerful. Dr. Al-Misky and her assistant, Doreena, are so pleasant and friendly; you feel like you're with old friends. I actually looked forward to my visits. She truly cares about ensuring her patients get the best results possible!

- Monique

Been going to Dr. Al-Misky for years and followed her when she opened her own office.

I've seen definite results on my legs.

She really goes out of her way to make sure you are comfortable while undergoing the treatment.

I've already recommended her to a few friends!

- D. Riomayor

Dr. Al-Misky has been my go to vein treatment MD for 10+ years now and I would not go to anyone else! Explains procedures thoroughly, answers all questions and is very honest.  Both Dr. Almisky and Nelly are extremely professional and very friendly.

- Maria A

Dr. Al-Misky is an extremely talented vein specialist. I was referred to her by a friend, and was extremely grateful for this. I am a 28 y/o female who has been genetically "blessed" with varicose and spider veins. They made me feel uncomfortable wearing shorts or dresses because of the unsightly appearance. I received sclerotherapy injections with Dr. A and noticed unbelievable improvements. In a city and society where doctors are rushed and impatient, Dr. A is the total opposite. She listens to you, explains everything thoroughly, and is very good at what she does. Don't get me wrong, the injections are slightly painful. But, she is quick, efficient, and reassuring throughout. This was really worth it for me, and I will go back for future touch ups to Dr. Al-Misky.

- L. Lando

I first was given care by Dr. al-misky years ago when she was part of a group practice: she treated my spider veins. i started getting them in my 20's. i was in my forties when i first went to her because i had always been reticent to get them done. i was very happy with my experience with her. my legs looked beautiful. ...years later,  when i needed to get maintenance vein treatment, i couldn't find her. as it turned out, she was in the process of setting up her own practice....because i couldn't find her, i went to other vein treatment specialist. i paid hundreds of dollars and was left with more visible spider veins than i started with....then, my mom suggested i google dr. al-misky. there she was, much to my relief....she is a well-known secret in manhattan: she is professional and effective. dr. al-misky values her patients and their satisfaction with her care. i am very thankful that she practices in manhattan.

- D. Kaplan

Dr. Al-Misky does amazing work. She is extremely thorough and efficient. The office  is clean and inviting. Very skilled technique with fantastic results!

- C. Pasquantonio

Dr. Al-Misky makes you feel so comfortable and confident. I have been recommending Dr. Al-Misky for years... I cannot say enough great things about my experience with her!

- H. Coffee

She put me at ease, her team were caring and professional and most of all excellent at what they do. I highly recommend.

- J. McVerry

Dr. Al-Misky is beyond amazing. What she did for me was nothing short of life changing. I had always struggled with being so self conscious about my spider and varicose veins in my legs. Now I will wear short and skirts in the summer and not be happy to have my legs out! Her amazing front desk staff always made it smooth and easy for me to get in to see her and kept me informed of everything I needed to do in prep for my appointments. I cannot thank her and her wonderful team enough!

- Danielle M.

Dr. AlMisky is awesome, and the work she does is amazing! Yes, just like a lot of things in life, it may be costly but it's worth the money! I had my spider veins removed, and I am very pleased with the results! Dr. AlMisky ensures that every patient is safe for any procedure (removal of spider veins and/or varicose veins) she performs beforehand by checking his/her vascular status via sonogram. Dr. Almisky is pleasant and she makes you feel comfortable, as she paces herself according to how you feel during the procedure. Yes, it's normal to bruise a few days after the procedure; however, once the bruises are gone... WOW!!! Love my legs!!! Thank you, Dr. AlMisky!!!

- Maharlika C.

I so appreciate Dr. Al Milky's thoughtfulness and bedside manner. She is the consummate expert for treating your veins but also a deeply compassionate and kind person, which is not something you can take for granted in the medical establishment.

She was very communicative and upfront with managing my expectations (4 rounds of sclero) and ensuring I was happy with the results. Can't recommend her enough!

- Rachel J.

I've been seeing Dr. Al-Misky for 18 months. I was so happy with first botox and fillers that I followed her to her new office location as well as sought treatment for sclerotherapy. I've been so happy with the results! She has a wonderfully calm bedside manner. I especially appreciate how she values a natural look; I completely trust her medical and aesthetic decisions. She is thorough: taking a reviewing before and after photos at each treatment and follow up appointment. Her office is no-frills; which communicates she focuses on her work and her patients, not about projecting a false image. Her assistant is very helpful too and communication is great. I highly recommend Dr. Al-Misky for vein treatments (her speciality), botox, and fillers. Finally, she has been very helpful about referring me to outside practitioners when I've asked.

- C. J.

Just returned to Dr. Al-Misky and team to have Endoveneous Laser Ablation performed on my other leg. She is truly AMAZING. Dr. Al-Misky is so knowledgeable. She walks you through every part of the surgery as you are awake only with local (minor pricking is really all you feel!) but keeps your mind at peace as it is still a surgery.

Following the procedure, she walks you through everything you can possibly expect. She and her team constantly follow-up to check in and ensure the healing process is going smoothly.

Follow-up appointments as done with an ultrasound machine as she ensures there is no clotting and to inject any pesky little veins that got away!

I feel so fortunate to have found her. This surgery is not always covered by insurance but like many of her patients, it was necessary for me as it caused incredible pain when exercising. Her team worked with my insurance to get the claim approved and fully covered.

If you are in need of any and all things veins- Dr. Al- Misky is the only option! Would give her 100 stars 🙂

- Sydney H.

After searching for a doctor to treat my spider veins, I came across Dr. Al-Misky and some of her wonderful reviews from happy clients. From the moment I walked in, she was there to greet me personally which was so nice. She then took the time to talk to me about my concerns, questions and went over the procedure. It's nice to go to a doctors office and not be rushed or feel like your just another client or number. I was extremely impressed with my entire experience. Thank you Dr. Al-misky!!!

- Tina C.

I highly recommend Dr. Al-Misky! She is very thorough and takes time to clearly explain any issues you may be having with your veins. Any available options are also discussed. She is warm and kind, thoughtful and incredibly talented. I would never go anywhere else for my vein treatment!

- Amy R.

Dr. Al-Misky is gentle, attentive, and caring. She and her assistant take their time to make sure the patient has the best possible outcome. They are also very responsive to any questions and easy to get ahold of by telephone and email. My highest recommendation!

- Rielly V.

I have suffered with broken veins in my legs since my early 30's and have received care from many different doctors over the past 29 years to help remove their unsightly appearance. Dr. Al-Misky is the ABSOLUTE BEST!! Of all the treatment I have sought over the years for my broken leg veins, Dr. Al-Misky is the most skilled in quick and effective removal of broken veins, and her technique caused me no discomfort whatsoever. You won't find a better doctor than Dr. Al-Misky for overall comfort and ease of treatment, as well as cosmetically pleasing outcome -- and I can say that with good authority for how many doctors I've been treated by for this, and for so many years. I'm nearly sixty years old now, and thanks to Dr. Al-Misky, my legs are as clear as when I was in my twenties.

- Joyce M.

Five STARS in all ways.  I have had spider veins successfully treated by various practitioners over the years but it eventually seemed to be wasted money and time. They just returned so quickly.  Dr. Al-Misky was the best referral I could have received! She explained that, in my case, the larger feeder veins had to be dealt with first (near groin?) and she then worked down from there.  This did require my time and commitment but it all made perfect sense to me.  The results were fantastic and I now have a relatively minimal maintenance plan. Dr. Al-Misky is super skilled and professional. She lays out the plan and has excellent follow-up. Her assistant Nellie is wonderful as well.  I love my legs again!

- Lori C.

Best treatment ... best doctor ... best secretary ! Just great to be treated there 😉 and results are just perfect !

- Frederique D.

I never ever thought I would associate any needles with a pleasant experience.  I love this place, from start to finish, the cool office décor to the music I enjoyed listening to.  Dr. Al-Misky is simply wonderful, very gentle and caring, attentive to all my fares.  She is very generous with her services while paying close attention to your end results.  I am very pleased and will always consider her my doctor.

- Deborah F.

Dr. Al-Misky is so talented and great at what she does. I went to two of the top doctors/treatment centers in NYC and they could not deliver results that were even close to what she could - I'm not sure if it's lack of skill or lack of caring but either way, I'm so happy I was referred to her! I had pretty much given up and thought I was doomed to a life of stockings and long pants. Dr. Al-Misky actually takes the time to get to the root of the issue and is a perfectionist when it comes to results. LOVE HER!

PS: This is my first time writing a review. I just had to share in case anyone else was having the same problem.

- Sam K.

I had treatments with other professionals but I have never seen the amazing results that I saw after only 4 treatment with Dr. Al-Misky. She is wonderful and explains everything clearly. She really is looking for the best results for her patients. I highly recommended her.

- Maria V.

I had  surgeries and sclerotherapy in others facilities and hospitals in NYC and I highly recemmend Dr. Al-Misky. As soon as I arrived, I was  greeted by her a  smart and knowledgeable assistante. Dr. Al-Misky took care of me the whole time, conducted  meticulously the study herself and explained to me what she was seeing on the screen. Also,  due to the different techniques and equipment she uses the procedure and sclerotherapy were painless. The result is amazing. I found Dr. Al-Misky  and her team highly professional, you feel that you are in good hands. Her prices are very reasonable. The waiting time almost non-existent and the office is clean. Look at her website  it's very helpful to understand who she is and which techniques she is using.

- Catherine S.

Only the best for me and my legs, Dr. Al-Misky won them over about 10 years ago. I would travel across state lines if I had to for her gentle magic hands that allow me to parade around all summer in short shorts and bikinis. When I see other women/men with easily fixed veins, I want to hand them her card and say "JUST DO IT", it makes such a difference, inside and out.

She is pretty fantastic.

- Carrie J.

I hadn't exposed my legs in years since they were so blue and ugly with numerous spider veins and some varicose veins in one leg. Dr. Al-Misky reversed years of build-up with her highly skilled injection treatments and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. The injections and surgery to remove my varicose veins were very comfortable and easy to tolerate, and I cannot believe the results! My legs look great and I enjoy baring them again - especially on the beach!!  I love the fact that Dr. Al-Misky is a perfectionist yet is also conservative in her approach. She is a rare find and I highly recommend her.

- Judy A.

Dr. Al-Misky is a skillful clinician with an eye to perfection leaving 'no vein untreated' resulting in as close as possible to what is achievable in the field of vein treatment. She is at the top of her game with tons of experience and a marvelous bedside manner to boot. Her boutique practice offers individualized attention and as pain free a treatment as one can imagine. I could never imagine my legs could look this good and I am totally thrilled with the results. Wish I would have done this sooner!

- Rose S.

Dr. Al-Misky is AMAZING!! I was a little bit concerned getting my legs treated, but Dorina is so warm and welcoming absolute fantastic. I was also afraid of the pain, but it was totally pain free. Dr. Al -Misky has a cold air machine with vibration, which distracts your body from noticing the actual injection. The results are incredible, which means skirt season is on! If you want your legs treated go see Dr. Al- Misky and no one else!

Thank you Dr. Al- Misky and Dorina. You both are truly wonderful!

- S. K.

Dr. Al Misky is the best! I've been to two other vein treatment doctors and it was very painful, but Dr. Al Misky and Dorena have a cold air machine with vibration and you don't feel it. Leg waxing feels worse! I'm so happy to have had my veins fixed- I can now wear skirts and my legs look great.

Thanks Dr. Al Misky!

- Duff P.

I was so nervous about getting my ugly leg veins treated but Dr. Al-Misky and her assistant made the whole procedure so comfortable I couldn't believe it.  Way less invasive than I'd imagined and they have this vibrating device they hold to your leg that distracts your body from noticing the injections.  But what I loved most of all: the results!  Dr. Al-Misky is even pickier thank I am - and that says a lot. 🙂  She hunted down every single little vein and my legs are ready for this summer!  Recommend her highly.

- Tessa K.

I have been more than satisfied with my treatment as a patient... you don't feel like you are on a time clock and rushed through the appointment. Dr. Al-Misky is very personable. I really enjoy my sessions. She is highly knowledgeable and takes extra time to make sure you are well informed. I could not be happier with my legs. She has done an amazing job and in the process raised my level of confidence. My surgery was very successful. Now, I am on a regular maintenance schedule. My favorite Dr. by far!

- A. Bradshaw

Dr. Al- Misky is New York’s Vein Treatment Expert

Dr. Al- Misky is a highly skilled doctor specializing in veins. I had large varicose veins and numerous spider veins treated and the results are excellent. She is very patient, warm and clearly explains your particular issues and various treatment options. I have had my veins treated in the past and now I would only trust Dr. Al- Misky with my veins.

- Amy R.

Dr. Al-Misky is the Best!

I have been plagued by spider veins since my teens and have seen many doctors over the years to keep them under control. I have gotten the best results through Dr. Al-Misky, by far. And I am very picky! She is thorough, takes the time needed to achieve excellent results and has a wonderful bedside manner. I no longer dread summer and shorts season. Go see Dr. Al-Misky; you’ll be thrilled you did!

- L.F.

Always an A-1 Experience!

Dr. Al-Misky is an outstanding human being and doctor. I’ve been going to her for years, and she always takes the time to really listen before treatments. Her bedside manner is great, and the results speak for themselves.

- A.

Exceptional vein treatment therapy

I came to Dr. Al-Misky to treat the spider veins on my legs. With my strong genetic predisposition and after having two children, my legs were covered with ugly veins. I was at the point were I felt embarrassed to wear a bathing suit or skirt in public because they were so unsightly. Dr. Al-Misky evaluated my condition using sonogram technology and was able to tell me the best plan of attack for my problem. Over the course of a few months with the use of injections to collapse the veins , my legs now look amazing! I feel so much more confident. Dr. Al-Misky is professional, extremely knowledgable, warm and friendly. Even though my treatment required the repetitive use of injections, Dr. Al-Misky's gentle hand ensured minimal pain and discomfort. The office environment is clean and relaxed, and her staff is friendly and efficient. I couldn't have had a better experience.

- J. Garfield

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Almisky’s for 20+ years, and I would never see anyone else for vein removal. Her manner is calm and patient, and she answers all questions and explains everything she is doing to put you at ease. She is a perfectionist and an artist. I have complete trust in her.

- D.B.

Dr. Almisky is absolutely wonderful. I went to her a year ago for a consultation for spider veins all over my legs.She explained the procedure in detail, and was honest about the results I should expect. I waited a year to do this (due to my own fear of needles),until the veins got so bad I finally pushed myself to go. I WISH I built the courage to go sooner! It was painless, quick, and the results are absolutely AMAZING! All my spider veins are gone! She also injects lips and does botox.

- Anonymous

The veins in my legs first started breaking on my 30th birthday -- a few decades ago now -- and I've undergone sclerotherapy many times since then. Over the years I've sought treatment with a number of different doctors in my quest to obtain the most attractive and lasting results. I'm so glad I found Dr. Al-Misky -- she's the best!

- J.M.

Dr. Almisky is wonderful! She does great work and takes her time with you. I've been her patient for about five years. I highly recommend her.

- Suzanne

Over the past decade, I've sought treatment for my spider veins from several different NYC doctors. Now that I have found Dr. Al-Misky, though, I know I will never need to look for another clinician; she is quite simply the best. Not only has she been extremely conscientious about getting me the best possible results—and given me the best-looking legs I've had in years—but she also has an extremely warm, gentle demeanor that makes visiting her office a pleasure. I cannot recommend her services highly enough.

- S. Gold

Dr. Al-Misky is a phenomenal specialist. Her knowledge of vein treatments, level of experience, and attention to patient care are outstanding. Dr. Al-Misky is extremely caring and sensitive, completely putting her patients at ease during treatments.  As someone who is highly sensitive to pain, I am always impressed by her ability to minimize my pain while receiving sclerotherapy injections. After many years as her patient and as the former patient of several other vein treatment doctors, I can confidently attest that Dr. Al-Misky is the most talented vein treatment provider who produces the best results. She has given me the freedom to live my life fully, and she can do the same for you.

-S. Jackson