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The Vein Treatment Center exceeded my expectations in every way. I was delighted to get a quick appointment. The administrative staff is responsive and professional. No unnecessary red tape and no waiting once you arrive for your appointment. They run an efficient office!

I received excellent treatment from Dr. Rios and her team of assistants. I could not be happier with the result. Based on her excellent treatment of my spider veins I came back for her to treat an unsightly larger vein. the result was better than I could have imagined.

I had previously been treated at a vein center at a large university hospital but it was such a hassle from the beginning...trying to get an appt. to the treatment by the staff and drs...that I decided to try The Vein Treatment Center and I am glad I did.
–Gail C. on Yelp, March 2018.

I had sclerotherapy for hand veins. Amazing results!!! I highly recommend Dr. Navarro, couldn't happier with the results. He is a perfectionist
–I.N. on Google, November 2017.

I been coming here for over ten years to treat my spider veins and I always had great results! I recently had a surgical procedure done and the staff went above and beyond to help me! I was helped every step of the way. They made me feel very comfortable and I am very happy with my results. I highly recommend the vein treatment center for anyone that is looking to treat spider or veins.
–Lauren P. on Google, October 2017.

I visited this office twice and I had the same impression, everybody was caring and professional. Doctor Melanie Nerid was amazing she explained everything (she really has a very good contact with patients and she is very nice) and did a great job on my legs. I am very happy with the results.
–Ilona U. on Google, October 2017.

I have been a patient of Dr. Navarro for many years. I am a 67 yr.old female with large veins in my hands. I had the saline procedure done and it is so worth doing. My sincerest recommendation and gratitude to staff for always professional and courteous experience.
–Camille D. on Google, October 2017.

Dr. Xiao is amazing!!! Because of her I can wear skirts and shorts again. I was so self-conscious because of my leg veins. They are very professional and accommodating.
–Gleny D. on Google, June 2017.

What a brilliant doctor who is highly skilled and generous in his vein treatment. This physician really knows what he's doing and removed unsightly veins from my arm, legs and chest in a number of sessions. I bought a package of 6 treatments since repeat visits are necessary and it was well worth it. The results are spectacular and this doctor is know only a master at his craft but also a nice gentleman. The nurses are also lovely. Lastly, Dr. Navarro takes Care Credit which is immensely helpful because you can pay it off in 12-24 months.
–Georgiana E. on Yelp, April 2017.

The best vein doctor in the City Dr. Navarro transformed my legs which where covered in spider veins and varicose veins. Office staff very nice and helpful.
–Oriana M. on Yelp, October 2016.

Really recommend this office! Everyone was very kind and professional. My legs already look and feel better after my varicose procedure!!
–Elisabeth A. on Yelp, September 2015.

The BEST place, and I will never go anywhere else! They are honest, and the sclerotherapy done by Xio Wang (with Vicky as assistant) was 100% professional, thorough and painless, They know what they are doing! My legs are beautiful. With so many vein places scamming you, Dr. Navarro and this staff are the real deal.(I had one other place try to scam me with mapping, with the doctor trying to convince me I needed work when I did not). These people are the best. Even if I did not live in NYC, I would fly here and go to only them. That is how good they are. Prices are reasonable, and they really care about people. They know what they are doing.
–Dwayna L. on Yelp, December 2014.

Love this place super professional. I highly recommend Dr. Rios, she was amazing but I'm sure everyone there is. My legs look awesome the before and after is great.
–Kelly R. on Yelp, June 2014.

My whole adult life I never wore shorts. I had some spider veins that I was really self-conscious about so I went my whole 20's without showing them off. I finally decided to bite the bullet, spend the $500 and get them taken care of. It was worth every penny. I never have to hide my legs and I recommend getting it done to everyone I know.
–Eliana A. on Yelp, August 2013.

After doing some research online I decided to visit The Vein Treatment Center to take care of my ugly veins. I have noting but great things to say about my experience. My treatment turned out to be a great success. I am back to wearing shorts and feel amazing. The girls are professional and polite, and took the time to answer all of my questions. The office is kept very clean. I am soooooo lucky to have found such a prestige practice. I will highly recommend this office to all my loved ones. The only downside is that insurance will not cover for these services because it's a "cosmetic procedure", however it's well worth the money!
–Melissa I. on Yelp, August 2012.

I have had my leg veins injected by three other doctors at prestigious medical centers. Although I went to good vascular people, in retrospect I should never have expected them to do the work executed by a specialist like Dr. Navarro. They did not know how to approach and complete the work as he does, and how to make it as quick, comfortable, and safe as possible. Dr. Navarro is much more thorough than I ever experienced in the past, the procedure was nearly painless, and recovery uncomplicated. I have no more pain; feel like part of my youth has been restored. I will trust my vein health to him from now on.
–AM B. on Yelp, July 2012.

wonderful, amazing, fabulous doctor s office! one of the best i ve ever been to in my life! the staff is always sweet, friendly and very accommodating, and the doctors are the absolute best in their field. i wish more of my doctor s visits were as good of an experience as the one i received at the VTC!! not to mention, they totally eliminated the veins in my legs, giving me gorgeous, VEIN FREE legs!!
–Sofia on Yahoo, March 2012.

The Vein Treatment Center is the only one I would go to if I needed of that work because that's exactly what they do and they don't specialize in anything else. They're reasonable, fast and everything they do is very good. You have to make an appointment but it's worth it but there's not too long a wait. The environment is terrific, you certainly feel comfortable. The staff is very accommodating and the doctors are terrific. The staff is very helpful and the atmosphere is very pleasant so you don't feel like you're in a doctor's office. They're very knowledgeable, if you have questions they will answer them. They're good with follow-up treatments.
–June B. on Angie's List, July 2012.

I had a great experience here!!!! Dr Navarro and his team are extremely professional and very thorough!!!.... Lisa Grassia, is the Practice Administrator is extremely helpful in explaining all your options that you can choose from and helpful with sending all forms to your insurance company. I look forward to going back to complete the other leg....I would love to see a testimonial page from about 10 share their recovery experience. That way you have a range of how your recovery may's a little road map and could maybe be helpful! :)--All in all it was a great experience with a truly great staff!!!
–Diana B. on Yelp, March 2012.

I was seen in the office about a month ago, and I could not be more pleased with my results.There was minimal wait time, and I was seen first by a Dr. Rios and then Dr. Navarro himself. The injections were done in apprx 10 minutes, and I'll be returning soon for more. Highly recommended.
–Barbara on, April 2012.

A year later and the legs still look great! Thanks, Dr. Navarro!
–Katie F. on Facebook, August 2012.

After rolling my left ankle a dozen times I noticed some vein issues in that ankle. I snagged a bloomspot deal for vein care and came here expecting the kind of hassle that I've experienced in most New York medical offices and the second class citizen vibe common with any kind of voucher, but I was pleasantly surprised. Each time I went I was given prompt and full attention and my concerns were heard. The results were great, the follow up was thorough, and there were no unexpected costs. I will certainly return if the need arises.
–Jessica D. on Yelp, March 2012.

Love my legs! I want to thank Dr. Navarro and his staff for making my legs beautiful again. It was a little expensive, and I was scared to go at first but now I wouldn't go anywhere else. It's well worth the price and the entire office put me at ease. The cold air machine is a miracle and the injections felt like a little pinch. Thank you again, Dr. Navarro!!
–Britti A. on, February 2012.

I was really blown away, I thought I needed surgery to get rid of my varicose veins. My mother had to have anesthesia to have hers removed and the scars were almost as bad as having varicose veins. I did the endolaser procedure and I took the day off because I thought I'd need to go home right after. I went shopping instead. Dr. Navarro was wonderful, maybe it was a good day for him but I got the impression that he cared a lot about me as a patient. I know he cared about my legs because they look great now. I'm going to wear shorts this summer for the first time in years.
–Martina on, January 2011.

Always a wonderful experience! I haven't been seen at the VTC in a few years, but I would never think about going anywhere else. The years I was seen at VTC I had a wonderful experience, and the before and after shots proved it. After treatment I was advised to buy support stockings (sold at the pharmacy one block away) and continue to work out. Do not cross your legs or sit for long periods at a time. Good circulation is important.
–Sandra D. on, October 2011.

I wasn't sure where to go after my last vein doctor retired and was apprehensive about starting treatment with a doctor I found online. But I am VERY happy with the care I've received from Dr Navarro. He eliminated the bulging veins on my hands that were a source of embarrassment for years and also keeps my leg veins in good shape. I feel lucky to have found Dr Navarro - a true expert in vein care.
–Beth C. on Google, January 2018.

Great experience in office nice doctor explained everything very well they were on time with my appointment if I have to say one bad thing it would be why did I wait so long to get spider veins removed.
–Felicia J. on Yelp, September 2017.

I can't say enough great things about this office. After years of postponements, months of research, and visiting both a prestigious hospital and a "vein chain", I chose to go to the Vein Treatment Center for a consultation. This was totally free and my specialist, Melanie Nevid was amazing! I felt so comfortable with Melanie's friendliness, expertise and knowledge that I decided to start my first treatment right then and there. I have since gone back twice in about a two-week time frame and have been treated with the utmost care each time. Melanie is the best. She answers all of my (sometimes repetitive) questions and makes me completely comfortable at every visit. I'm getting treatments for reticular and spider veins that I have hated since my teenage years. With Melanie's magical and thorough hands, I am on my way to the beautiful legs I've always dreamed of. My advice is simple: go to the best!
–Elayne B. on Yelp, March 2017.

My experience with Dr. Luis Navarro at The Vein Treatment Center in New York

My search led me to The Vein Treatment Center on Manhattan's Upper East Side and to its founder, Dr. Luis Navarro. Navarro gets rave reviews from the top echelon of New York medicine. Renowned physicians Jahangir Rahman, Patricia Allen and Lisa Airan all recommended The Vein Treatment Center to longtime Vogue editor Sally Singer, who then wrote one of the best magazine beauty pieces I've ever read. She was pleased with the results.

If Navarro and The Vein Treatment Center were good enough for Vogue, then they were good enough for me. I booked an appointment for a consultation and secretly wondered if it was really possible to erase 12 inches of blue veins from each leg.

Women from all over the world flock to his office to get their legs done in a matter of a week or even a few days. People come to New York to shop and at the same time get their veins done.
–Julyne D. on, August 2016.

Great experience specially big thanks to the doctor Navarro. After my surgery I felt great like I never had surgery or any problems. I wish all the doctors was like Navarro who knows and has a passion about what he does.
–Aida K. on Yelp, September 2016.

I am 25 years old and stopped wearing shorts when I was 22 due to very bad spider veins on my legs. Dr. Navarro has worked wonders with scelerotherapy achieving results I never thought possible. He is extremely professional, the office is very clean, and the staff is helpful and friendly. Additionally, his technique is unique as he uses blasts of cold air to minimize discomfort during the procedure. Having done traditional scelerotherapy elsewhere, I can say it is definitely less painful with this innovative method. I cannot recommend Dr. Navarro and the Vein Treatment Center enough!
–Corinne H. on Yelp, March 2015.

I have been dealing with the pain in my legs because of my varicose veins for many years. I thought I would need surgery, until a friend recommended me to The Vein Treatment Center. Dr. Navarro told me surgery was not necessary. After 4 visits with injections, the pain and my varicose veins went away. I would highly recommend The Vein Treatment Center; the office is very professional, efficient and clean.
–Ed S. on Yelp, November 2014.

I would like to say a few words about The Vein Treatment Center. First of all, I would like to say thank you to all the staff who work there, they are very professional, polite and such great people. I would like to say thank you to Dr. Luis Navarro also because he is the best doctor for vein treatment. I feel great of my legs. Now I can wear short dresses, shorts, and wear a bathing suit without thinking about my ugly legs. Thank you Dr Luis Navarro I won't forget you
–Julissa M. on Yelp, October 2014.

Dr. Navarro is the best doctor that I've ever visited. He is well known for his services, so I expected a "rushed" appointment, but he was very thorough & informative. He truly is the vein expert.
–Barbara R. on Angie's List, July 2012.

I want to thank the Vein Treatment Center for all of their help with not only treating my painful leg veins but also for making me feel comfortable and welcomed. Lisa was extremely helpful with all of my paperwork and with my insurance company, she always called me back and made sure that I understood everything that was going on. The office is very clean and the entire staff is incredibly sweet (I even got tea and cookies after my treatment). I would highly recommend everyone to get their leg veins treated here. Thank you so much.
–CaseyHohs on, September 2012.

I have been coming to the Vein Treatment Center off and on for the past 2 years.
It was highly recommended to me by a friend who is a fashion model. I had only once before gone to a vascular surgeon for spider vein injections, and I was unhappy with the result. So it was very refreshing to be more than satisfied with the results I have achieved at the Vein Treatment Center; plus the atmosphere is so restful! The female staff are knowledgable, supportive, and professional. I am especially impressed with Kay Bernardo.
One point for the future - some patients, like me, cannot deal with more than a half-session.
–Marva K. on Yelp, April 2012.

Vein Visit. The office is a miracle worker!!! Seriously, my legs are so clear now, and there aren't little cracked purple spider veins anymore. Dr. Rios is such a friendly and helpful doctor, and the appointment was so thorough!! The office is very clean and relaxing, and they have this air conditioner thing that they put on my legs and I didn't even feel the needle.
–Rebecca C. on, May 2012.

FAREWELL COVERING UP... I strongly recommend Dr. Navarro and the center. He makes you feel very at ease and his staff is very helpful and sweet. The results are amazing! This is by far the best place that I have been to. LOVE IT!!!
–Ali1104 on, March 2012.

If you look at the veins on your legs and go into a tail-spin of depression, here is one place where you can solve the problem once and for all. I had previously tried laser therapy, which was completely unsuccessful and stumbled upon Vein Treatment Center. VTC is clean and aesthetic and the staff is warm and supportive. Dr Bennardo was very clear and direct about what to expect in terms of number of treatments and healing time. I am so happy to finally be free of these depressing inheritances. I highly recommend Vein Treatment Center and completely satisfied with the care I received from Dr. Bennardo.
–Jennifer N. on Yelp, August 2012.

If I knew that I could get rid of my spider veins so easily, I would have done this years ago. Though its pricey ($500 a visit), it is a worthwhile investment. I have never had any kind of plastic surgery in my life - I am not the kind of woman who even gets facials often. But the spider veins on my legs were bothering me and getting worse, so I decided to do something about it. I did some research here on Yelp and I decided to go into the Vein Treatment Center for a consultation. I met with Dr. Kay Bernardo who was fabulous and very honest with me about the process. Dr. Bernardo and her nurses took excellent care of me and after four visits and some healing time, I was amazed at the results. Fortunately for me, I healed fast using Anica and taking pycogenol supplements. I will surely return for upkeep to Dr. Kay Bernardo. Highly recommended.
–Miss N. on Yelp, June 2012.

Calling all vein sufferers.... If you are looking for a state of the art, elegant office with a very very helpful staff then this is where you need to go. I have suffered with spider veins all my life... and am too pleased how awesome my legs are looking! Have patience as you may need several treatments. The results I achieved is worth every penny... Go for it Samantha!
–Samantha R. on Yelp, June 2012.

I want to thank Dr. Navarro for making my legs look and feel beautiful again. It was a little expensive, and honestly, I was scared. All of the assistants made me feel as comfortable as possible though, and the cold air machine was wonderful. The injections are like a tiny sting, and there is definite bruising, but after 3 weeks or so my legs started to look great. So far this is my 4th visit, and I bought a 'package' for maintenance purposes. Overall, I'm entirely satisfied.
–Anonymous Reviewer on, March 2012.

I’m so happy I chose The Vein Treatment Center. I started treatment about a month ago and already see results, and they are amazing! I'm very happy with Dr. Navarro; he's very professional, charismatic, and pleasant, in addition to his staff as well. I strongly recommend the center if you want to see fast results. The BEST!!!
–Alicia F. on Yelp, March 2012.

Great staff- great treatment!. I had a great experience here!!!! Dr Navarro and his team are extremely professional and very thorough!!!.... Lisa Grassia, Practice Administrator, is extremely helpful in explaining all your options that you can choose from and helpful with sending all forms to your insurance company. I look forward to going back to complete the other leg... I would love to see a testimonial page from about 10 patients... to share their recovery experience. That way you have a range of how your recovery may be... it's a little road map and could maybe be helpful.
–Ocoelho on, March 2012.

I was recently treated for varicose veins and spider veins, and it has been life changing. I had surgery for my varicose veins and the procedure was fast and very efficient. The staff was very nice and professional. There was no wait each time I went for my sclerotherapy treatments. The Doctors are very knowledgable and precise in instructions. There is no doubt in my mind that I made the right choice in coming to The Vein Treatment Center. I am very happy with my results and am looking forward to having more treatments done!
–Rosalina on YellowPages, August 2011.

I recently went to The Vein Treatment Center and had the best experience. The staff was very nice and the doctor was excellent. Best of all, my legs look amazing! I would recommend this office if you want results!
–Mary R. on, September 2010.

No more discomfort and heaviness. Dr. Navarro and his medical team helped to turn my life back to being more active again. I feel like my legs are brand new. I am planning on wearing shorts and skirts this summer! The office is like a spa and everyone makes you feel like your special. Other Doctors told me I would wear heavy support stocking for the rest of my life. Dr. Navarro changed all that for me. I have had five visits and each procedure was easier than the next.
–Nancy N. on InsiderPages, August 2009.

My legs were a mess, but now they're fabulous! I cannot say enough nice things about the staff and my treatment. I highly recommend it!
–CS Mobile User on, March 2009.

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I received first class treatment and care from Dr. Rios and the staff with great results. I highly recommend them.
–F.J. on Yelp, September 2011.

I have been seeing the physicians at The Vein Treatment Center for a couple years and every time I return, there are new advances that THEY have discovered. Dr.Navarro has obviously mastered his specialty, and in turn, has trained the physicians and P.A.'s at the center to take care of their patients in a manner that is second to none. They are all so wonderful that I recently left there feeling even more confident about the appearance of my leg and hand veins that I wanted them to have some recognition. Thank you for giving me my confidence back!
–Lisa A. on, November 2010.

First of all my results were terrific, I am wearing shorts again. I tried another doctor first and thought they did nothing for the money. Then I did some research and found this place, and liked the fact that all they treated were veins. The office is beautiful, and more important, I found it very clean. (I work at a hospital that I wish was this clean) The staff was sweet and answered all my questions. I had to visit 3 times but my legs were a mess. Price wise, it was the same as the first place I visited. I loved this place and only wish that with all the money I pay my insurance, they would have reimbursed me. I have told all my veiny friends to go, and so far everyone is happy!
–HoAnn on, January 2009.

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