Dr Navarro Now Referring Patients to Dr Al-Misky
Before Dr Luis Navarro’s retirement at the end of 2023, he emailed patients, “…we would highly recommend Dr Ousaima Al-Misky for quality sclerotherapy…Dr Al-Misky was trained by myself and worked alongside me for many years. She has 20+ years’ phlebology experience & I believe she can provide our patients with a high level of care and expertise - she utilized the same protocols and methods that we developed for painless sclerotherapy & also treats hands, face, & breast.”
Dr Al-Misky is now practicing under the Vein Treatment Center name at her office at 910 Fifth Avenue, Ground Floor. Please call or text her office at 212-249-6117 or 212-888-8688.
* Please note: The VTC website and social media accounts are being renovated & some parts are outdated. Please call for up-to-date info about the practice.

212-888-8688 | 800-300-VEIN | 212-249-6117

910 Fifth Avenue (cross street: 72nd) New York, NY 10021

Dr Al-Misky


Dr Al-Misky, M.D.

Ousaima Al-Misky, M.D. is a vein specialist who has exclusively focused her practice on laser vein surgery and sclerotherapy with 21 years of experience in the treatment of veins.  She began her training in the treatment of superficial venous disease in 2001 and has worked closely with the developer of the Endovenous laser surgery, Dr. Luis Navarro.  At that time she fully dedicated herself to the treatment of superficial venous disorders.  She has achieved excellent cosmetic results in the over ten thousand patient procedures performed.  She keeps up to date on the latest technology by regularly attending local, national, and international conferences in the Phlebology field.  In addition to being board certified, she is a Diplomate of the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine since 2009.  She gets excellent results in all aspects of cosmetic vein treatments in the face, hands, chest, and legs.  She is also specially certified in the ultrasound of veins and performs all her own ultrasound studies.

Dr. Al-Misky earned an M.D. from Temple Medical School, and was Chief Resident of her residency program.  Dr. Al-Misky worked as an attending at an Emergency Room in NYC previous to specializing in vein treatment.  Dr. Al-Misky is affiliated with Lenox Hill Hospital.

Dr. Al-Misky has herself suffered and been treated for spider and varicose veins. “I understand how these abnormal veins can make you feel self-conscious. I enjoy eradicating them and making my patient’s legs look and feel healthy again.”