Dr. Navarro has retired and now refers patients to his protégé Dr. Al-Misky. Click here for details.

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The VTC Story

Through a combination of treatment methods—EVLT, classic sclerotherapy, foam sclerotherapy, and mini-phlebectomy, The Vein Treatment Center treats venous problems and alleviates the symptoms of venous disease, with the goal of always achieving the best cosmetic results safely.

Dr. Ousaima Al-Misky began focusing on vein treatment in 2001 when she became the protégé of Dr. Luis Navarro, one of the pioneers in the field. At that time, Dr. Navarro developed and patented the Endovenous Laser Ablation Technique (EVLT), a minimally invasive procedure that is performed in-office under local anesthesia and requires only a tiny nick in the skin. Patients are up on their feet immediately following procedure with no downtime and no scarring. Dr. Al-Misky has trained in this path-breaking technology since its dawn over two decades ago.

The EVLT procedure modernized the field of phlebology by making traditional surgery for varicose veins obsolete, avoiding hospitalization and general anesthesia as well as large incisions and long recoveries. 

Dr. Al-Misky has also perfected the use of sclerotherapy for smaller veins, performing millions of injections with very fine needles on tens of thousands of patients.

Our Philosophy

The goal of The Vein Treatment Center is to safely treat varicose and spider veins to achieve the best cosmetic results with the least discomfort and inconvenience.

Most of our patients seek treatment because their varicose or spider veins represent a cosmetic issue- patients consider them unsightly and want them to be removed. Dr. Al-Misky’s efforts are geared towards her patients' goals. All testing and procedures are done on premise, ensuring that patient safety and comfort is our priority. Our office is serene and clean- we strive to provide our patients with a comfortable atmosphere where they can feel relaxed and welcomed at all times. Our staff is specially selected for their attentiveness to patient needs and always strives to maintain the highest professional standards.


The Vein Treatment Center
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