Dr. Navarro has retired and now refers patients to his protégé Dr. Al-Misky. Click here for details.

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910 Fifth Avenue (cross street: 72nd) New York, NY 10021

We Know Your Time is Valuable

We know that your time is your most valuable resource. We try to make your appointments with the Vein Treatment Center as convenient and time-effective as possible:

  • Some physician practices require patients to call (and often wait on hold) or to enter a password-protected portal to schedule appointments with the doctor. At the VTC, patients have the option to easily schedule meetings over the phone, via text, or by email.
  • Our office is on the ground floor and in a convenient location (5th Avenue and 72nd Street), making getting in and out of appointments easy
  • We work hard to ensure that patients are not kept waiting for their appointments. Patients are usually given ample time (usually 45 to 60 minutes for initial consultations) with Dr. Al-Misky to allow her to fully handle each patient’s needs fully without falling behind.
  • For the benefit of all patients, we ask that each patient comes on time for their appointment or let the office know 48 hours in advance if alternative appointment timing would work better for them.


Dr. Al-Misky is beyond amazing. What she did for me was nothing short of life changing. I had always struggled with being so self conscious about my spider and varicose veins in my legs. Now I will wear short and skirts in the summer and not be happy to have my legs out! Her amazing front desk staff always made it smooth and easy for me to get in to see her and kept me informed of everything I needed to do in prep for my appointments. I cannot thank her and her wonderful team enough!

- Danielle M.

Exceptional vein treatment therapy!
I came to Dr. Al-Misky to treat the spider veins on my legs. With my strong genetic predisposition and after having two children, my legs were covered with ugly veins. I was at the point were I felt embarrassed to wear a bathing suit or skirt in public because they were so unsightly. Dr. Al-Misky evaluated my condition using sonogram technology and was able to tell me the best plan of attack for my problem. Over the course of a few months with the use of injections to collapse the veins , my legs now look amazing! I feel so much more confident. Dr. Al-Misky is professional, extremely knowledgable, warm and friendly. Even though my treatment required the repetitive use of injections, Dr. Al-Misky's gentle hand ensured minimal pain and discomfort. The office environment is clean and relaxed, and her staff is friendly and efficient. I couldn't have had a better experience.

- J. Garfield