Dr. Navarro has retired and now refers patients to his protégé Dr. Al-Misky. Click here for details.

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Compassionate Care

Medical research has shown that compassionate medical care is effective medical care. Dr. Al-Misky strives to have a good bedside manner to put her patients at ease. The Vein Treatment Center usually allocates 45 minutes to 60 minutes for the initial patient consultation to give Dr. Al-Misky ample time to hear from the patient about their history and their goals. Some doctors need to face away from the patient, feeding information into dozens of fields in an electronic medical records system; in contrast Dr Al-Misky sits down across from the patient to have a real conversation.

Clear patient/doctor communication is critical, and Dr. Al-Misky makes sure there is enough time for the patient to understand the diagnosis and proposed treatments. She accurately describes medical conditions and treatments without resorting to overly technical language. Dr. Al-Misky usually spends more time listening than talking in initial consultations- she’ll want to have a detailed understanding of what the patient is looking for. Does the patient want as close to aesthetic perfection as possible, or the best bang-for-the-buck? Is the patient time constrained, or would like to space out treatments? Is there an event that the patient wants to look their best for? How much of a concern is discomfort minimization in treatment? Dr. Al-Misky will take copious notes to make sure the treatment plan is in accordance with the patient’s desires.

Communication continues to be important once treatments begin. If patients have concerns or questions, they are able to phone, text, or email the office easily. Patients receiving EVLT or mini-phlebectomy surgeries are contacted the evening of their procedures to make sure they are comfortable and healing well, and then a brief follow-up appointment is scheduled with Dr. Al-Misky for the next day. The Vein Treatment Center believes that patients should always feel comfortable with their treatments and well-informed- if a patient ever feels concerned or has questions, they should contact the office.


Dr. Almisky is absolutely wonderful. I went to her a year ago for a consultation for spider veins all over my legs.She explained the procedure in detail, and was honest about the results I should expect. I waited a year to do this (due to my own fear of needles),until the veins got so bad I finally pushed myself to go. I WISH I built the courage to go sooner! It was painless, quick, and the results are absolutely AMAZING! All my spider veins are gone!

- Anonymous

Over the past decade, I've sought treatment for my spider veins from several different NYC doctors. Now that I have found Dr. Al-Misky, though, I know I will never need to look for another clinician; she is quite simply the best. Not only has she been extremely conscientious about getting me the best possible results—and given me the best-looking legs I've had in years—but she also has an extremely warm, gentle demeanor that makes visiting her office a pleasure. I cannot recommend her services highly enough.

-  S. Gold