Dr. Navarro has retired and now refers patients to his protégé Dr. Al-Misky. Click here for details.

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A new patient typically receives a 45 minute to 60 minute consultation with Dr. Al-Misky to provides her with the in-depth information she will need to develop a customized treatment plan for that patient’s specific issues. The process begins a focused history of the patient’s vein symptoms and a physical exam on the patient’s veins. Dr Al-Misky usually takes digital photographs so that patients can track their progress during treatment.

A key tool Dr. Al-Misky uses in her consultation is the color venous Doppler ultrasound, allowing her to clearly see the direction of blood flow in the veins and to pinpoint where the faulty valve in the vein network lies. Without a Doppler ultrasound, it’s very difficult for a physician to tell if the faulty valves causing spider veins are superficial or in the deeper perforator veins going through muscle and other tissue. Dr. Al-Misky does all of her ultrasounds herself to ensure that the root cause of patients’s spider veins can be addressed immediately and she fully understands the anatomy. This diagnostic testing is minimally-invasive, painless, and is performed right in the office.

Once the diagnostic part of the consultation is complete, Dr. Al-Misky talks with the patient to share what she has found and to let them know what treatment options are available. Depending on the extent of the patient’s condition and her desired level of cosmetic results, the treatment of varicose veins and spider veins can vary from the only the most conservative measures to more comprehensive treatment methods. Together, the patient and Dr. Al-Misky can outline the optimal treatment plan.

A minority of patients require EVLT and/or mini-phlebectomy treatment (and often sclerotherapy afterwards). For these patients, separate appointments will be scheduled for the procedures.

The majority of patients don’t need EVLT or mini-phlebectomy and can proceed to getting sclerotherapy directly. In most cases, the patient has the option to immediately begin their first sclerotherapy session after the consultation. Compression stockings and downtime are not required, and the patient can usually resume all daily activities immediately following treatment.

Many of our patients come from outside the NYC area (and many from outside of the country). To facilitate these patients, the Vein Treatment Center can offer brief consultations via email or video call. Please contact The Vein Treatment Center for additional details.

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