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Patient Surveys



“Really great experience, staff was very accommodating and attentive. Would definitely return for another procedure. Thanks!”

– Grace, Age 22 (F)

“Extremely pleasant experience from A to Z! Everyone with whom I came into contact with was caring, pleasant and competent. Thank you so much to Dr. Navarro and staff!”

– Patient Phoebe B., Age 64 (F)

“It was like a walk in the park! Thank you.”

– Olga T., Age 30 (F)

“I am 100% satisfied with your attentive, caring staff and your entire center. I even enjoyed “Gil”, your fish attendant! Thank you Dr. Navarro for your tender, expert touch.”

– Cristina S., Age 60 (F)

“The staff was very courteous and polite. They made you feel very comfortable and at ease. Dr. Navarro was exceptionally kind and patient.”

– Deon G., Age 41 (F)

“Love the service and the place. The doctor is very professional. Great place!!”

– Mayoryn M., Age 36 (F)

“I came back to Dr. Navarro because he did a good job the first time. Thanks again! You and your staff are kind and professional!”

– Bernadette S., Age 53 (F)

“I am so thrilled at how everything has gone so far. I look forward to a beautiful result and thank you for your help!”

– Joy S., Age 74 (F)

“I felt I was in good hands on every level so thank you for that! My only suggestion is to reconsider the price you charge for sclerotherapy- the next highest price I have found is $350 per session…”

– Anastasia B., Age 42 (F)

“I am very happy to have my procedure taken care of by Dr. Navarro- I am only sorry I didn’t have it taken care of sooner- Recovery was excellent- I was able to walk again with no pain. Thank you!”

– Manuela M., Age 77 (F)

Patient Surveys