Patient Surveys

“Really great experience, staff was very accommodating and attentive. Would definitely return for another procedure. Thanks!”
–Grace, Age 22 (F)

“Extremely pleasant experience from A to Z! Everyone with whom I came into contact with was caring, pleasant and competent. Thank you so much to Dr. Navarro and staff!”
–Patient Phoebe B., Age 64 (F)

“It was like a walk in the park! Thank you.”
–Olga T., Age 30 (F)

“I came back to Dr. Navarro because he did a good job the first time. Thanks again! You and your staff are kind and professional!”
–Bernadette S., Age 53 (F)

“I felt I was in good hands on every level so thank you for that! My only suggestion is to reconsider the price you charge for sclerotherapy- the next highest price I have found is $350 per session…”
–Anastasia B., Age 42 (F)

“This was a wonderful office and medical staff. They made me feel very comfortable. I would recommend this treatment center to everyone. Both days I had a warm and welcoming experience. Thank for everything!!”
–Vivian P., Age 42 (F)

“Can’t thank you guys enough.”
–John M., Age 36 (M)

“I am impressed with the outstanding medical service that the Vein Treatment Center offers to its’ patients. It has been an incredible experience to be treated there by Dr. Navarro and his excellent staff. I will be forever grateful to the Center for giving me such a unique opportunity to feel “whole” and pain free again. Thank you all!”
–Antonia V., Age 35 (F)

“The procedure went very smoothly and was painless. I had no discomfort after the surgery and the staff was very accommodating. Thank you!”
–Thanne D., Age 59 (F)

“Great experience! I would definitely recommend Dr. Navarro to my co-workers (nurses) and friends alike.
–Melanie G., Age 37 (F)

“Very positive experience.”
–Stephanie L., Age 41 (F)

“Your treatment, level of professionalism and overall care was exceptional.”
–Anonymous Patient

“The doctors and staff are so kind, friendly and helpful. I had a very positive and comfortable experience. Thank you very much!”
–Monique E., Age 57 (F)

“I go to the Vein Treatment Center because it’s always the professional treatment that I love and need!! Thank you.”
–Levi K., Age 50 (F)

“Exceptional service performed by a personable and helplful staff.”
–Michael E., Age 73 (M)

“The entire experience was so stress free and professional. Staff performance built my confidence in the entire process and treatment. Thanks to all for your professionalism and caring for me.”
–Gary F., Age 55 (M)

“I hope that I don’t have to do this again, but I would recommend the Vein Treatment Center to anyone requiring this procedure. I have been coming to you since the 1980’s. Need I say more?”
–Corinne S., Age 72 (F)

“I have been extremely happy with the service, attention and results of my visits to your office.”
–Michele M., Age 41 (F)

“Thank you- It was a pleasant an experience as it could possibly be. The office, as well as the entire staff are impeccable!”
–Randi, Age 55 (F)

“Excellent care during surgery and post surgery. Very impressive staff- made me feel very comfortable considering I was a bit nervous! Thank you! ☺”
–Noelle H., Age 34 (F)

“Dear Dr. Navarro and Staff: I just want to express my sincere gratitude and your entire staff for the care you have given me over the past few weeks. I have been living with this problem for 10 years and I have been evaluated by four other surgeons before deciding to have this surgical procedure performed at your facility. Your staff listened carefully to my concerns, performed a thorough examination, offered the best procedure for my diagnosis, personally contacted my insurance company and your performed a more difficult surgical procedure secondary to the severity of my condition. I was given exceptional post surgical instruction and care to minimize complications and ensure proper healing. I am a physical therapist who works with traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and stroke victims and pride myself in restoring patients physical health, functional mobility and quality of life. I would like to praise your entire staff for their level of attention, professionalism and dedication in restoring my vascular health, quality of life, and self esteem. It is truly appreciated!"
–Daniel T., Age omitted (M)

This is a small selection of the many Patient Surveys we have in the office. Please ask us for more information.

“I am 100% satisfied with your attentive, caring staff and your entire center. I even enjoyed “Gil”, your fish attendant! Thank you Dr. Navarro for your tender, expert touch.”
–Cristina S., Age 60 (F)

“The staff was very courteous and polite. They made you feel very comfortable and at ease. Dr. Navarro was exceptionally kind and patient.”
–Deon G., Age 41 (F)

“Love the service and the place. The doctor is very professional. Great place!!”
–Mayoryn M., Age 36 (F)

“I am so thrilled at how everything has gone so far. I look forward to a beautiful result and thank you for your help!”
–Joy S., Age 74 (F)

“I am very happy to have my procedure taken care of by Dr. Navarro- I am only sorry I didn’t have it taken care of sooner- Recovery was excellent- I was able to walk again with no pain. Thank you!”
–Manuela M., Age 77 (F)

“Entire staff was so warm and caring. Dr. Al-Misky has gone above and beyond for me. Helping me make the right decisions for me and helping me with all my fears. Dr. Navarro and Dr. Al-Misky operated on my veins on 5/10 and they both worked hard to make me feel comfortable and confident. Dr. Navarro is amazing and so is Dr. Al-Misky who has been working on my legs. Cheers to both!”
–Susan G., Age 42 (F)

“I felt as though I was treated like a rock star, or some well known personality or an ambassador. I will without hesitation recommend anyone whether a friend or relative to the Vein Treatment Center.
–Brian C., Age 54 (M)

“Dr. Luis Navarro is very charismatic and nice. P.S. He’s a top doctor in my book.”
–Sigrid C., Age omitted (F)

“Everything was excellent.”
–Betsy H., Age 42 (F)

“Thank you, all was well and I hope I heal quickly and do not have to repeat the surgery. The staff is a gem.”
–Veronica L., Age 36 (F)

“Your kind staff made the experience very comfortable. Thank you.”
–Andrea P., Age 54 (F)

“I really appreciated how Lisa responded to my emails and calls, always willing to answer my questions without making me feel as if she had other better things to do.”
–Anonymous Patient

“I would like to thank Dolleen, Jazmine, Diana, Marianna and Dr. Al-Misky. I was comfortable, the atmosphere was pleasant, great staff. I am looking forward to my treatment and would refer others to the Center. Thank you!”
–Alicia D., Age omitted (F)

“Very professional, although expensive. I wouldn’t go any place else. Complete trust in Dr. Navarro and staff- A long history together.”
–Irene V., Age 46 (F)

“Dr. Al-Misky was wonderfully kind. I very much appreciated her taking the time to thoroughly explain this procedure and post-operative instructions. Dr. Al-Misky is a terrific doctor. I would highly recommend her.”
–Jennifer M., Age 38 (F)

“Really excellent care. Thank you!”
–Sheryl B., Age 41 (F)

“I would not hesitate to do it again if necessary. Thank you!”
–Louise P., Age 54 (F)

“Great doctor, great staff, very comfortable and easy procedure.”
–Camille V., Age 47 (F)

“After 35 years of working in doctor’s offices, I result from a medical phobia. Honestly I have left many offices, refusing treatment. My symptoms did not arise when I visited your office, and the fact that I went ahead with the surgery is the highest praise I can give. Thank you, I truly appreciate it.”
–F.T., Age 63 (M)

“Thank you very much for everything- I feel much better now.”
–Irene T., Age 68 (F)

“My brother, who accompanied me, was very impressed with the competence and quality of the facility and the staff. Everyone is kind, patient and understanding. Even when I created a problem, there was no condemnation or annoyance. Everyone was very solicitious.”
–Jan M., Age 77 (F)

“I feel like a new woman and my legs look wonderful!! I had been wishing for years that something could be done about my ugly veins and I am so grateful to Dr. Navarro and the team at the Vein Treatment Center for taking such good care of me. I have handed out your business cards to all my friends and family. As my friend exclaimed when she saw my legs, “it’s magic!”, and it really is.”
–Amy J., Age 40 (F)

“It’s an excellent experience, I am so happy that I was treated here. Experienced everything above my expectations. Me encanto. Muchisimas gracias!!”
–Rosalina G., Age 50 (F)

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